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Horses, pigs, chickens and goats

Zorbifresh™ Active is useful in a number of livestock situations. Due to the ability to absorb moisture and kill bacteria, it can be used in bedding for horses, pigs, chickens, goats, cows, calves and the list goes on.

Talk to us about your specific application and we can discuss whether ZorbiFresh or ZorbiFresh Active would be best used in your livestock setting.


Zorbifresh is ideal for use in all types of bedding for many classes of animals: goat sheds, loafing barns, piggeries, chicken sheds etc and is available in two grades.

Directions for use of ZorbiFresh in a goat setting:

  • Apply initially at 0.5kg/m2 on a weekly basis
  • Regularity of application may need to be altered depending upon animal density and seasonal aspects with dryer or wetter periods.
  • Can be spread mechanically with a fertiliser or ATV spinner at the recommended application rates or manually spread by hand.
  • Mix ZorbiFresh thoroughly through the bedding profile

For animal bedding only.