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Blue Pacific Minerals has been in operation since 1992, under different trading names but with the constant focus on using our expertise to solve customers' problems. Problems vary broadly, but we've focused on animal health and productivity as one of New Zealand's leading industries in exports. By creating products that ensure the efficiency and profitability of your farm, Zorbifresh can be utilised to minimise the risk of various diseases that may plague your livestock. 

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Innovation of Zorbifresh

Optimising Animal Health

Zorbifresh has been extensively researched and developed to help optimise animal health in their surrounding environments. The animal (adult or new-born) is subjected to pathogens in the environment that it is born into and the environment that it is kept in. It is important to ensure that these environments are as pathogen free as possible. A dry environment is critical to limit the pathogenic load that animals may be subjected to. Zorbifresh aims to keep the bedding as fresh, healthy and dry for the animals as possible.

Zorbifresh Active

The new development in the Zorbifresh portfolio has the added benefits of killing bacteria as soon as it's laid and keeps killing up to beyond 24 hours. Non-toxic to animals, highly absorbent, odour reducing and improves the surrounding environment for both workers and animals alike. 

BPM Agriculture Portfolio Manager: Mike Prendergast

Mike has extensive experience in the agri industry both in NZ and overseas. He has worked in milking machinery and animal nutrition in the dairy sector as well as having personal interests in the equine sector. 

Mike's knowledge is not limited to pastoral farming in NZ, he has spent a lot of time in european barns. The BPM Agriculture strategy and product portfolio has widely benefitted from a lot of Mike's input and vision for the company. The expansion of the BPM Agri-portfolio brings new animal health and productivity solutions to farmers around the world.

Benefits of Zeolite

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural mineral created many years ago by volcanic ash falling into an alkaline water source and being put under pressure. This pressure combination resulted in a three dimensional framework structure of silica-oxygen tetrahedra. The crystal framework is in a honeycomb network with pores and is one of the rare minerals that possess a natural negative charge.

How does it work?

This combined honeycomb framework and net negative charge, allows Zeolite to both absorb liquids and adsorb compounds. Zeolite works both like a sponge and a magnet; soaking up liquids and exchanging magnetic compounds, making it suitable for a variety of purposes from eliminating odour to cleaning up oil spills to reducing nitrogen and phosphorus leachate on farms.