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Zorbifresh Active reduces bacteria, ammonia and moisture in animal bedding.

Zorbifresh Active uses natural BPM Zeolite that is mined and manufactured in the Taupo Volcanic zone of NZ. Natural BPM zeolites have an extensive internal network of pores or channels, ensuring greater absorption of moisture. The active ingredient is Oxone being effective against bacteria such as Staph. Aureus and E.Coli, Salmonella and most other Gram Negative/Positive bacteria. 

What is Zorbifresh Active?

  • A bedding additive for cows, calves, horses and pigs.
  • Absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture.
  • Reduces odour for a safer environment (for both animals and farmers).
  • Starts killing bacteria (including Staph aureus and E.coli) as soon as it is laid and keeps killing beyond 24 hours.

Available from your rural retailer nationwide, in 20kg bags. 

Zorbifresh optimises animal health as an absorbent bedding conditioner.

Extend the life of your bedding material with BPM Bedding Base and Conditioner additives. Made from 100% Natural BPM Zeolite from New Zealand, Zorbifresh aims to keep the bedding as fresh, healthy and dry for the animals as possible. The retention of ammonia with a deodorising effect in sheds or barns, Zorbifresh reduces the pathogenic load in the animals environment to optimise animal health. 

What is Zorbifresh?

  • A 100% natural mineral for use in animal bedding (goats).
  • Absorbent up to 100% of its weight, soaking up ammonia and moisture to leave bedding dryer.
  • Odour reducing for a safer environment for both animals and workers, reducing pathogenic load in sheds.
  • Ease of use, spread out as a mix with other bedding material, wood shavings, wood chip. 

Available from your rural retailer nationwide, in 1 tonne bags.