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Zorbifresh optimises animal health as an absorbent bedding conditioner.

Extend the life of your bedding material with BPM Bedding Base and Conditioner additives. Made from 100% Natural BPM Zeolite from New Zealand, Zorbifresh aims to keep the bedding as fresh, healthy and dry for the animals as possible. The retention of ammonia with a deodorising effect in sheds or barns, Zorbifresh reduces the pathogenic load in the animals' environment to optimise animal health. 

What is Zorbifresh?

  • A 100% natural mineral for use in animal bedding.
  • Absorbent up to 100% of its weight, soaking up ammonia and moisture to leave bedding dryer.
  • Odour reducing for a safer environment for both animals and workers, reducing pathogenic load in sheds.
  • Ease of use, spread out as a mix with other bedding material, wood shavings, wood chip. 

Available from your rural retailer nationwide, in 1 tonne bags.

How to use and dose rate

Zorbifresh is ideal for use in all types of bedding for many classes of animals: goat sheds, loafing barns, piggeries, chicken sheds etc and is available in two grades.

Directions for use:

  • Apply initially at 0.5kg/m2 on a weekly basis
  • Regularity of application may need to be altered depending upon animal density and seasonal aspects with dryer or wetter periods.
  • Can be spread mechanically with a fertiliser or ATV spinner at the recommended application rates or manually spread by hand.
  • Mix ZorbiFresh thoroughly through the bedding profile

For animal bedding only.